Guided by a Passion for Tea

Guided by a Passion for TeaThe beverage world continues to become saturated with overly complex and artificially created beverages. The mission of  MaryAnna's® Tea  is to provide high-quality products with simple, real food ingredients.

I wanted to make a different kind of bottled iced tea, like the kind I brew at home. MaryAnna's® Tea is the independent brand I founded in 2008.

As a lifelong tea enthusiast and a Registered Nurse, I began micro-brewing and bottling iced tea providing a simple, healthful beverage with tea sourced from only the highest quality loose-leaf teas. 

Most commercially produced bottled teas are made quickly in a factory taking short cuts to match the flavor of real tea. This usually includes artificial ingredients that have scientific names no one can pronounce. There is nothing healthy about this process. This prompted me to create a better kind of bottled iced tea.

To brew real healthy iced tea, you need to make it with real tea leaves and perhaps a squeeze of fresh lemon or other juice to flavor it a bit, sweetened if you like with a natural sweetener, such as pure cane sugar or honey. This is exactly how we make our bottled iced tea. We brew it in small batches to maintain the fresh brewed taste of homemade.

At MaryAnna's® Tea  we use the direct-brew method to naturally infuse and bottle our teas. This is the least processed method available to bottle tea. The more a food or beverage is processed the more nutrients are lost. This method helps preserve the natural tea flavor, nutrients and antioxidants inherent in freshly brewed tea. All our iced teas are made from 100% natural and non-GMO ingredients.

MaryAnna's® Tea has consistently won top awards at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 North American Iced Tea Championships.

I can't change the entire beverage industry but I wanted to create a positive influence in some way. I believe I have successfully done that with a "real ingredient" bottled iced tea that so many are discovering and enjoying!

Thank you for supporting this mission!

Happy Tea Drinking!
Mary Ann Rollano