Best Bottled Iced Tea ~ Thank You!

      “MaryAnna's Tea in my opinion is the best bottled Iced Tea I've ever had.
There is no chemical aftertaste and you get the bonus health benefits of drinking real tea.”
~ Deb Smith -
  • “I won 2 cases of your tea from the Tabby's Place online auction a couple months ago. I just wanted to let you know that my husband & I totally enjoyed it. It's nice to know that a high quality and delicious product is made locally. Thank you!” ~ Lisa Zamorski, customer

  • "My Southern daughter-in-law has me loving sweet tea. I tried yours today and was very excired to know I could get great sweet tea locally. Please notify me when I can puchase in bulk!" ~ Terry Peck - customer

  • "My mother (Terry Peck) just gave me one this morning, and I think it's great. No bad syrupy tatse. Nice and clean." ~ Jim Peck - customer

    “From a flavor point of view, MaryAnna's Summer Sweet Tea is a really well
crafted product that tastes just like what you'd get if you made sweet tea at home. Made
with only four ingredients, this product has a very wholesome flavor to it, with the tea,
lemon and sugar easily distinguishable from the mix...not too sweet and the splash of
lemon gives it a very pleasant finish. All in all, we're big fans of what's inside this bottle.” ~ -The Beverage Industry's Source
  • “I love your tea!!” Kathryn (from PPB) ~ customer

  • "This tea is absolutely amazing! I wish I could get it at local stores here in Florida, but it's still worth paying the price of buying it online and having it shipped to my house." ~ John in Florida - customer

  • "Good tea for a summer day! I think the car is the bomb." ~ E. Pasick - customer

    “…The tea's nose was of black tea and lemon, the lemon dominated, but was
not overpowering. The tea's color was pretty, medium amber. Finally, the time came to
drink the stuff: I braced myself and sipped. (Gosh. This stuff was actually good !) ... I did
enjoy this tea... and while sweet, was not overly so. The mellow fullness of Nilgiri meshed
well with the natural lemon juice flavoring, creating some rather interesting peach-like
notes. Most refreshing... I applaud the use of cane sugar in this brew. The sweetness was
not overpowering, and …none of the disagreeable aftertaste that is so common when
drinking bottled tea.” ~ Lanie P. - - a tea blog
  • “Love the tea and especially the all natural no additive ingredients.” ~ Robert Crystal -customer

  • "It's Sunday, I did a little work, and now I'm sitting back with a glass of tea. Good stuff! Let me know when you're ready to ship some to Ohio." ~ Bob Laeng - cutstomer

  • "I experienced your sweet tea for the first time yesterday, and I have to admit it is the best of the lot out there. I have tried Snapple, Arizona, Lipton and a few others, but this stood out. I had one at room temp, and the other on ice. I would recommend it highly for both iced tea lovers and others who haven't experienced the tea scene. Kudos to the company." ~ Walt Kudlacik - customer

    “We cracked open a bottle and were greeted by a nice lemony smell. …it's
sweet, but not overly so, which was pleasant. There's no missing the tea flavor. …your
taste experience starts with a sweet, lemony greeting, and finishes with the kick of tea
balancing out the sweetness. The lemon …does not distract and compliments the flavors
well. The finish is clean, most likely associated with the use of cane sugar vs. HFCS. …I
liked how the flavor felt bold during the entire sip, not watered down. … I liked what I
tasted.” ~ Steve -
  • “I love your iced tea. Great flavor!” ~ Eric - customer

  • "You have created a most delicious tea that is far superior to any other on the market. I'm buying more today!" ~ Robert DePolo - customer

  • "Great job! I love the tea." ~ Beth McIlmail - customer

  “Upon unscrewing the cap, I was pleased to note a fresh aroma wafting out of
the bottle...taking a sip, my first overall impression was of a clean, refreshing taste.
Subsequent tastes yielded greater distinctions in flavors. Surprisingly, I found that I could
actually taste the black tea...I could make out the separate flavors of the black tea, the
sugar, and the lemon. There were no residual artificial tastes left over on my tongue, nor
was there any bitterness/astringency or excess sweetness that begged for something
cleaner to refresh my palate. Good sipping.” ~ Sandy Bushberg - -
Discover Tea
  • "Love this tea!! I maintain a healthy diet and try to not consume hydro oils, and high fructose anything! That was almost impossible with any store bought prepared teas until now!! THANKS!! CAN YOU MAKE IT BY THE GALLON?" ~ Ryn - customer

  • "I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your Summer Iced Tea. In fact I bet I love your iced tea more than that guy Jim loves his pool cue!" ~ Roger Pyrtko - customer

  • "I love your tea!! I buy it almost daily at Mueller's in PPB. I live just around the corner. I was wondering if you will be making it in larger containers. Great product have been telling everyone I know and getting them off of the "Crapple" and Lipton. You have a far superior product. Thanks for finally putting out a product that is delicious and truly NATURAL! Will you be making an unsweetened version anytime soon?" ~ Kathryn from PPB - customer

    "I’ve tried many bottled sweet teas and this is easily one of my favorites.
MaryAnna’s sweet tea has a very fresh vibe to it....From the first drink, you are greeted
with a fresh brewed tea flavor that is loaded with a smooth and enjoyable sweetness. It
was so good, I quickly passed it to my wife to try. This beverage is lemon flavored, but the
lemon flavor is very subtle which I enjoyed because it show cases the key ingredient -
sweet tea. The texture of the tea is very smooth. I found the tea to be refreshing with a
pleasant aftertaste. ...I typically get a bottle and split it into three servings. You don’t have
to drink the bottle in one sitting - although it’s really hard with a tea this good." ~ Marty - on all things tea
  • "MaryAnna's Tea is the best we've tasted." ~ Phyllis & Nick Scarpello - customers

  • "Finally! A real brewed tea that is all natural and uses real sugar instead of high fructose syrup. Thanks MaryAnna's Tea for making a delicious thirst quencher without all the unnatural flavors and chemicals that other companies use to make their drinks." ~ Audrey V.