Frequently Asked Questions About Tea

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Product Information

What is the healthiest tea? There are slight differences in the health benefits of each type of tea, all tea (except for herbal tea which is a Tisane) comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, making all tea good for your health.

Are MaryAnna'sTea® products All Natural? Our products are 100% all natural and are designated as such on the packaging. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used.

Do MaryAnna's Tea® products contain any GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)? No. GMO's include High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and some citric acid. The beverage industry commonly uses GMO ingredients as they are a cheaper alternative to real food. Due to the controversial nutritive value and /or harm from GMO's, we choose not use them in our products. We only use real food ingredients as they naturally occur in nature. All of our products are GMO free.

Are the sugars in MaryAnna's Tea® products derived from beet or cane sugar? Pure cane sugar is the only sugar we use. It is a refined sugar derived from sugar cane, but it is not a GMO sugar. The United States and Canada have approved commercial production of GMO sugar beets only. Sugar is not HFCS and HFCS is not sugar. The scientific name for sugar is sucrose, and it is a natural substance found in plants (primarily sugar beets and sugar cane). Sucrose, whether still in a plant or in our sugar bowl, is the same: equal parts fructose and glucose bound together at the molecular level. Sugar is a food we have safely consumed for thousands of years. If you are concerned about sugar contributing to excess weight, keep in mind obesity comes from consuming more food (calories) than needed to maintain energy balance. If you eat more calories than you need, from any source, weight gain is inevitable.

Are MaryAnna's Tea® Teas drinkable right from the bottle? MaryAnna's Tea® Tea is a ready to drink iced tea beverage. The teas are fully brewed and ready to enjoy right out of the bottle. For greater enjoyment, serve cold and over ice. Toss a MaryAnna's Tea® Tea into a picnic cooler, or take one to work to enjoy at lunchtime right there on the job. Think of MaryAnna's Tea® Tea as a great means of expressing yourself. There really is no wrong way to drink one!

What is that stuff at the bottom of my MaryAnna's Tea® bottled tea? The "stuff" is our delicious, brewed tea. This happens because of the brewing process. Since we brew with real tea leaves and bottle directly afterwards, the natural ingredients from the fresh brewed tea and 100% real lemon juice tend to settle out of solution. Simply shake the bottle before enjoying.

Can I reseal the MaryAnna's Tea® Tea bottle after opening? Your MaryAnna's Tea® Tea bottle cap is re-closable. The tea should be used shortly after opening the bottle. You may store your leftover tea in the bottle. To keep your bottled tea fresh, you must refrigerate it after opening and breaking the vacuum seal.

What is your guidance on allergenic ingredients for highly sensitive consumers? We assure you that we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices as established by the FDA. We take abundant precaution to prevent cross contact of allergenic ingredients between batches and our contract production facilities are inspected to ensure that they meet or exceed all regulatory and industry standards. We understand that highly sensitive consumers need to know when there is even the remotest possibility of inadvertent cross contact of allergenic ingredients during processing. To that end, we disclose that the following allergenic ingredients are used in some of our contract manufacturing facilities and that inadvertent cross contact is remotely possible: milk, eggs, soy, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts (filberts). Wheat is used in some of our contract facilities but not in our products as an ingredient. Please refer to ingredient labels on our products for full disclosure of the ingredients used in that product.

About MaryAnna's Tea® Products

Is there a MaryAnna's Tea® toll-free number? No, but you can email us by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab at the bottom of our website. We always answer emails.

How do you pronounce MaryAnna's Tea®? MaryAnna's Tea® is pronounced: MAIR-ee AH-nuh's

Can I purchase MaryAnna's Tea® products via the web or mail order? Yes! Our products can be purchased through the internet by clicking "Shop" on our website. If you prefer to go to a physical store please use our "Retail Locations" page to find the nearest available product to you.

Why doesn't MaryAnna's Tea® Tea use plastic bottles instead of glass? Glass bottles are the only beverage packaging that has the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. The beverage trend is to use plastic bottling because it's lighter, cheaper and saves on fuel transport costs. The irony is plastics are petroleum based products.Plastic is not the best option for the environment. Ninety percent of all trash floating in the world's oceans is plastic-based. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the saddest aftermath of our plastic lifestyle trend.

Is the MaryAnna's Tea® packaging recyclable? Yes, the MaryAnna's Tea® brand is proud to play a part in recycling efforts. Our glass bottles are infinitely and 100% recyclable. We buy from a local glass bottling plant that uses new and recycled glass to produce their glass bottles. Recycling two glass bottles saves enough energy to boil water for five cups of tea. In addition, we package our loose leaf tea in tea tins, which are infinitely reusable as well as recyclable.

Does MaryAnna's Tea® Tea send free samples of their products, to try them out first? We do not offer free samples of our products. We do make discovering our teas very easy and inexpensive with our 2 1/2 ounce sizes available for all our teas. Our flat rate shipping also keeps the cost down for our customers trying out different teas.

When experimenting with a new tea you will want to try a variety of steeping times and adjust the amount of loose tea per cup to your liking. Tastes vary for each person and brewing methods for each tea varies as well. It may take a few tries to adjust these to your own taste. The 1/2 ounce tin is perfect for testing out a tea. You can brew approximately 8 cups depending on the type of tea and brewing method.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.