Black Dragon Pearl

Black Dragon Pearl is one of my favorite teas. This is the tea I drink every morning, when I am not drinking one of our amazing Breakfast teas. From the Yunnan province in China, this black tea version of the popular Dragon Pearl is naturally sweet and smooth with a touch of earthiness.

As you can see here, only the highest quality leaves and buds are selected and expertly rolled into a large pearl-like shape before the leaves can dry. I love watching this tea steep as each pearl gently unfurls delivering a superb tea experience.

You can infuse this tea in a tea sack of sorts, but you will get much better flavor if you let them fully open naturally without constraint, as in a large infuser.

Subtle cocoa notes. Full-bodied infusion with cocoa undertones.

Packaged in a reusable tea tin. 2.5 ounces is enough for about 35 - 45 cups of tea.

You can steep this tea more than once.


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